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The Free Market Foundation (FMF) is looking to employ a multi-talented junior Digital Media Officer (DMO) on a full-time basis. 

We are looking for a dynamic person with at least one year’s experience to help the FMF with its audio-visual and online content creation and distribution. 

‘Digital media’ in the context of the FMF refers to the FMF’s audio-visual recordings, websites, social media platforms, and email newsletters. This specific role will have an emphasis on audio-visual recordings, but encompasses the whole field of digital media. 

The FMF will provide all the necessary equipment. 

Although this is a junior role, the DMO will report directly to the FMF executive team.

Remuneration will be discussed with the successful candidate during the interview period. 

Primary responsibilities 

The DMO will be primarily expected to: 

– Record long- and short-form audio-visual content at the FMF’s Parktown offices or on location from time to time. 

– Set up sound, video, and lighting equipment in preparation for recordings and events. 

– Coordinate the back-end of webinars and livestreams of FMF recordings and events. 

– Edit video content for publication on the FMF’s YouTube channel and other platforms, including the clipping of short extracts. 

– Upload audio-visual content to the FMF’s online platforms and generate the associated graphics (e.g., thumbnails and stock imagery). 

– Write text descriptions to accompany audio-visual content. 

Secondary responsibilities 

When not occupied with their primary responsibilities, the DMO will be expected to: 

– Manage and coordinate website and social media content and campaigns. 

– Manage the FMF’s social media platforms. 

– Track social media analytics, optimise website design, and generate and monitor email marketing material. 

– Upload content to the FMF’s websites. 

– General copywriting for FMF platforms. 

– Compile the FMF’s email newsletters. 

– As the FMF has a small team, the DMO will from time to time be expected to assist colleagues with other tasks not strictly associated with digital media. 


In addition to the primary and secondary responsibilities, the ideal DMO candidate will need to combine technical competence, a keen visual sense, strong copywriting skills, and relentless attention to detail.  

The role will also require the candidate to be self-directed and to take the initiative in proposing creative ways for the FMF to enhance its impact and broaden the reach of its digital content.  

The candidate must continuously endeavour to upskill themselves – an endeavour the FMF will support – and remain updated with new techniques and methods in the domain to which they are entrusted. 

The candidate should be able to demonstrate sympathy towards – and a basic understanding of – the FMF’s classical liberal values of individual liberty, private property, free enterprise, and limited government. The candidate will be expected, over time, to become more familiar with these values and to integrate more fully that understanding into the content created for the FMF. Conversely, if the candidate harbours ideological convictions that conflict with the above values, they need not apply. 

It is essential for the candidate to possess a vehicle and driver’s licence. 


The role will be based at the FMF’s offices at Northwards House, Parktown, Johannesburg. The role may involve travel to external locations, sometimes for several days at a time. Travel expenses will be covered by the FMF for work conducted off-site. 

About the Free Market Foundation 

The Free Market Foundation (FMF) is a classical liberal think tank and advocacy organisation based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Founded in 1975, the FMF stands for the right of all individuals to freely pursue their own aspirations without unwanted interference. Our mission is to promote and defend the principles of individual liberty, private property, free enterprise, and limited government in southern Africa. 

How to apply 

To apply for the DMO position, please include the following: 

– A 1-2-page CV formatted in Arial 12 font with 1.5 paragraph spacing; 

– A 1-minute video file compiled from existing FMF video content that reflects the candidate’s understanding of the FMF’s work and showcases the candidate’s technical competence; and 

– If applicable, a portfolio (attachments or links) of prior work done. 

Send the above to Debbi Scholtz at

Applications may be submitted at any time, but the successful candidate should only expect communication in early 2024 about interviews.


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