The Free Market Foundation is engaged in a wide range of activities to advance our mission of promoting and defending the principles of individual liberty, private property, free enterprise, and limited government in southern Africa.

The Free Market Foundation is normatively dedicated to a set of principles that characterise a free society.

In pursuance of this, as a think tank, the FMF produces high-quality research and insight, but also, as an advocacy group, the FMF seeks to influence the climate of public opinion in favour of freedom. 

Our activities in this respect come in many forms.


As a think tank, the FMF’s primary means of advocacy is through the production of written content for the print and online media and scholarly journals.


FMF staff and external experts regularly deliver talks, in person or digitally, to influential audiences in support of liberty.


The FMF produces a variety of high-quality audio and visual content, whether podcasts, vlogs, webinars, or cartoons.


The FMF and its staff are regularly covered by South African and international press, whether in print, radio, or television formats.


Throughout its history the FMF has seen fit to bestow awards upon South African and international luminaries.


The FMF has established a variety of semi-autonomous initiatives that serve the cause of liberty.


The FMF is involved in a wide variety of other activities as well, including policy bulletins and the production of annual reports.