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In February 2024, the FMF launched the 1 Million Rand Challenge, an ambitious fundraising drive bolstered by a generous offer from a donor who would increase every new donation by 50%. For example, a donation of R1,000 would result in a total contribution of R1,500 to the FMF.

We are pleased to announce that, with your support, the FMF raised over R800,000.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our generous donor, and to each individual and organisation that contributed to the FMF. Your support enables us to continue our work in promoting individual liberty, challenging government overreach, and empowering South Africans to become resilient against state control. Thank you for your commitment to the cause of freedom.


Low economic growth. Record high unemployment.

Threats to private property rights.

South Africa seems to be in terminal decline.

The irony is that as the government tries to centralise power and control more aspects of everyday life in South Africa, it also becomes less capable of fulfilling its basic obligations to citizens.

The state is simply too big, too inefficient and too corrupt to fix the mess we are in. 

The Solution

While many people understandably despair at the state of the country, we at the Free Market Foundation (FMF) are more optimistic.

We believe that South Africa’s problems are easily solvable. History and the experience of other countries shows us that this is possible.

However, change won’t happen on its own. Only by applying relentless public pressure and actively challenging the status quo will we bring about the change that South Africa desperately needs.

What we stand for

The FMF stands for your right to freely pursue your own aspirations without unwanted interference.

Our mission is to promote and defend the timeless principles of individual liberty, private property, free enterprise, and limited government.

How you can help

Together, we can resist the harmful socialist ideology that is holding South Africa back.

Stay free.

David Ansara

Chief Executive Officer

Free Market Foundation

Our FMF donor is adding 50 % to donations received and banked by 29 February 2024

The Free Market Foundation was established to promote free markets and property rights in circumstances where there was no free market and zero property rights for black South Africans.

The FMF is an association, registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO) and as a public benefit organisation (NPO). A registered constitution governs the FMF.

The FMF’s founding principles

The FMF is guided by constitutional, philosophical, and ethical principles. The guiding principles of the Foundation are:

  1. All people have the right to life and the right to conduct it as they see fit, provided they do not impinge upon the similar rights of any person: Amongst the fundamental rights of all persons is the right to own and control property and the produce of their own efforts and to dispose of it as they see fit.
  2. No person or group has the right to initiate violence or the threat of violence against any other person or group.
  3. The only economic system consistent with these fundamental rights is a market economy, in a free unfettered market in which all persons are at liberty to deal with their property and conduct their affairs according to their own individual needs and motives.
  4. No resolution, recommendation or proposal that is inconsistent with the foregoing principles shall be passed or made by the Foundation.

The objectives of the Foundation


  • The promotion and advocacy of human rights and democracy based on classical liberal principles.
  • The promotion of access to media and a free press.
  • The promotion and fostering of the philosophy of the open society, the rule of law and personal and economic freedom.
  • The promotion of the interests of members and all who live in Southern Africa by working for an environment that will facilitate the achievement of high economic grow1h and the reduction of poverty and unemployment.
  • The promotion, development and fostering of free enterprise and market economies on a national and international basis.
  • The education of the public regarding sound economic principles.
  • The furthering of the above objects by any appropriate lawful means.

Help the FMF promote the principles of free markets and individual liberty!

Contributions to the work of the FMF help to bring about the changes needed to improve the lives of all South Africans. You will receive a certified tax receipt for your donations which will be tax deductible up to 10 percent of your taxable income.

On behalf of everyone at the FMF, our sincere thanks to all those who supported our journey across the latter part of the 20th and first quarter of the 21st centuries.

Best wishes to you all for the year ahead.

Eustace Davie (Director – Free Market Foundation)

The Free Market Foundation appeals to its staunch and prospective backers to support its work during an era that is marked by statist and interventionist policies that have been and continue to wreak havoc and are inexorably bringing the country to its knees.

Foreseeably, this trend will persist unless business-friendly free market-oriented organisations vigorously engage the incumbent and future post-election governments. In this regard, there is the assurance of an FMF team whose fixity of purpose in the promotion of free markets is second to none, coupled with the fact that the Foundation comprises individuals of unassailable integrity and accountability.

It is for this reason that investors in the FMF’s advocacy initiatives need to recommit, more than ever before, their critically enabling support.

A generous FMF supporter undertook to add 50% to all donations received by the FMF during this fund-raising campaign up to and including all donations made up to and including 29 February.

All such donations will qualify for a Section 18A tax deduction, for which the FMF will issue a certificate.

Over the decades, the FMF has proven to do justice to funders’ confidence in its work.  Its efficacy as one of the leading think tanks of international renown is underscored by a whole list of achievements that date back to when it was established in 1975.  

We urge you to support the Free Market Foundation for the sake of the individual liberty of South Africa’s people and the country’s socioeconomic welfare!

Temba A Nolutshungu
Free Market Foundation

Now, more than ever, the principle of individual liberty is at risk, not only in South Africa, but around the Western world.

The influential World Economic Forum proclaims, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

In Canada, the truckers’ protest of two years ago encountered the heavy hand of authoritarian government, and in the Netherlands the peaceable, and highly productive farming community, have experienced the same.

In South Africa, individual freedom is threated by, among many others, the prospect of Expropriation Without Compensation, as well as the National Health Insurance Bill, which President Ramaphosa has threatened to sign into law before the 2024 elections.

The Free Market Foundation stands for the principle of individual freedom, not only in commercial terms, but in every sense.

Freedom is indivisible and if economic freedom is threatened, as it is, then individual liberty will be an inevitable victim. If your property is taken, without compensation, you become unfree.

With its advocacy and active participation in civic affairs, the Free Market Foundation is a bulwark against these threats to individual liberty.

You can assist us in this endeavor by contributing to this challenge, where every rand achieved is met by a generous 50% bonus.

Rex van Schalkwyk
Chairman of the Board
Free Market Foundation

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The Free Market Foundation relies on the generosity of ordinary individuals and entrepreneurs to keep the flame of liberty burning in southern Africa’s public discourse. Please consider supporting us in any of the following ways.